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Animal-friendly wines from the vines to the glass

How does Vegan Wines work?

It’s simple. You sign up for our vegan wine club and we’ll send you an assortment of delicious, vegan-friendly wines each season.

You’ll receive hand-selected, high-quality wines made with conscientious winemaking processes. We source from lesser-known producers – many of these bottles you can’t get in stores! Many of our wines are organic as well.

Even better, we pair each of the wines in your delivery with a unique plant-based recipe. We also include sommelier tasting notes and information on the winery, so you know where each bottle comes from. Learn more about us and sign up today!

Eraldo Dentici | Winemaker

But isn’t wine vegan? It’s just grapes, right?

Not quite! Many wineries use animal products in the fining and fertilization processes of winemaking. 

We’re talking egg whites, gelatin, fish bladders, and milk proteins – all used to clarify the wine. Lots of vineyards also use animal products in their fertilizers, like fish emulsion, blood, and bone meal. 

Vegan Wines ensures our wines are animal-friendly from the soil up! Learn more about what makes wine vegan.

We’re a wine club for people who care what’s in the bottle

As the first online vegan wine club in the USA, Vegan Wines visits each vineyard or winery to ensure the wines you receive are made with environmentally-conscious and animal-friendly methods. Many of our wines are organic. We specialize in selecting wines from independent, family-owned wineries with smaller levels of production.

Get Delicious, Hand-Selected, Cruelty-Free Wines Shipped to Your Doorstep!

No more researching or wondering if your wine contains animal products.

We do the investigating for you!

We’ve been there. We know how frustrating it is figuring out if your wine is vegan – after all, it’s rarely labeled that way! We do the background research and vet each of our wines. Through our club, you’ll receive a variety of 100% vegan wines to try. Then you can easily visit our wine shop to purchase more of the ones you love!

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About Us

Owner and founder Frances Gonzalez is a long-time vegan and wine expert from who saw a need that needed to be filled.

“Whether you’re vegan or just want to know exactly what’s in the wine you’re drinking, this wine club is perfect for you.”

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