Welcome Our New Wine Director, Ellisa Cooper!

Vegan Wines is excited to welcome our new wine director and educator, Ellisa Cooper! We’re positive that she’ll help us make our wine club, shop, and selection even better for our club members and customers! Ellisa is a dynamic personality among New York’s wine consultants. She has an impressive resume and growing reputation among retailers, […]

Brand New Italian Wines Available at Vegan Wines!

A few short months ago, Vegan Wines went to beautiful Tuscany in Italy and visited a variety of incredible wineries.  We got to know and learn from many passionate winemakers, and ate some of the best food we’ve had to date; all while taking in the breathtaking views of the rolling hills of Tuscany.   For […]

Are all our wines organic?

This is a question we receive almost daily from people who would like to join our wine club.  We thought this question deserved its own blog post and inspired us to write more in detail about what organic wine is, what other questions to ask when looking for organic wine, and finally… to find out […]

Latest Bordeaux wine reviews from Sophie Kevany

We are continuing our Bordeaux week here at Vegan Wines with brand new reviews from our Bordeaux vegan wine reviewer, Sophie Kevany.  This time she has tasted five different wines from the same winery, Chateau Galoupeau, located in the heart of Entre-deux-Mers.  They are a family winery who has been in business for 250 years, […]

An Interview with Christophe Cadis of Bordeaux’s Chateau Les Maubats

Chateau Les Maubats

One of the first wines Vegan Wines imported from Europe, was from the small family vineyard of 8 hectares, Chateau Les Maubats, located in the town of Roquebrune in Entre-deux-Mers.  Their motto is “respect the vines, the soil and the environment” and their focus is on traditional and artisanal methods of farming vines, including manual harvesting […]

Introducing our new Bordeaux wine reviewer: Sophie Kevany!

To those who follow Vegan Wines, it should be no surprise that we are big fans of wines from Bordeaux and the region.   Bordeaux was Frances’ first “official” wine trip for Vegan Wines, and what inspired her to start a vegan online wine club, so it will always have a special place in our heart. […]

Considering the Soil in Vegan Winemaking

At Vegan Wines we are big promoters of animal-free agriculture.  Not many (if any) vegan wine certifications take the soil into account when they claim to be vegan, and this is what sets us apart from others in the industry thus far.    As often as we hear the question “but I thought all wine was […]

What does “vegan-friendly” really mean?

by Frances Gonzalez From the day I heard the words “egg whites” during a wine tour in France until even now while in Italy visiting many wineries, I am so grateful I started “Vegan Wines”. I knew that once the businesses got in on it, they would start playing around with words to be able […]