Animal Manure in wines? But why???

Vegan Wines was just recognized in the Bloomberg article ” What is Vegan Wine? An Essential Guide for Plant-Based Menu Planning” on our work of research to curate our wine portfolio […]

Vegan Wines Private Tasting in Puerto Rico

Vegan Wines invites you to Sip, Ask, Enjoy. Enjoy our premier tasting event, in the heart of Old San Juan we celebrate bringing our wines to Puerto Rico. Vegan Wines […]

What if we did this for the environment?

All the Google alerts I have set for “soil” have recently brought up articles that discuss how animal manure is “sustainable.” Well, it’s not. And let me tell you why. […]

Considering the Soil in Vegan Winemaking

At Vegan Wines we are big promoters of animal-free agriculture.  Not many (if any) vegan wine certifications take the soil into account when they claim to be vegan, and this […]