Afternoon Wine with Italy! TanninTime with Gianvito of Feudi di Guagnano!

TanninTime with Sandro of Feudi di Guagnano!

Afternoon Wine with Italy! Join us on Facebook Live @myveganwines on Wednesday, November 5th at 10AM EST (4PM Central European Time). Vegan Wines is happy to announce a “trip to Italy” for afternoon wine with Alessandro Ingrosso and the Italian winemakers that we’ve partnered with to bring beautiful wines to the USA! We’d also like […]

Questions About Sulfites in Wine

what about sulfites in wine

At Vegan Wines, we often get questions about sulfites in wine. We understand that naturally vegan wine and claims of “no sulfites” sound like they should go together, but consider this… What are sulfites? Sulfite, or sulfur dioxide, is a natural compound produced during the fermentation process. For this reason, ALL wines have sulfites. According […]

Why Vegan Wines are for Everyone (Not Just Vegans)

Chilean Wine Tasting

Frances Gonzalez, founder of Vegan Wines, chooses wines that are free of animal products from the soil to the glass for her wine clubs. But she wants people to know that her specially selected wines are for all wine drinkers – not just vegans. Everyone can enjoy, benefit from, and make a difference by choosing […]

Are all our wines organic?

This is a question we receive almost daily from people who would like to join our wine club.  We thought this question deserved its own blog post and inspired us to write more in detail about what organic wine is, what other questions to ask when looking for organic wine, and finally… to find out […]