Signature Club Plant-Based Pairings for Dec 2021

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Hearty Vegetable Stew  paired with  2017 Tringario Alma Cabernet Franc


Penne All’arrabbiata With “Sausage”  paired with  2019 Morra Gabriele Langhe Nebbiolo


Fagioli All’uccelletto (Beans In Tomato Sauce)  paired with  2018 Cameli Irene Paia


Enchilada Cazuela  paired with  2019 Vegan Wines Proteus Hazel Pinot Gris


Provencal Tapenade Spread  paired with  2019 Chateau Les Maubats Bordeaux Rose


Curry Cauliflower, Sweet Potato, And Chickpea paired with  2017 Pandolfi Larkun Chardonnay


Cheese Pairings

Truffle Brie

Our classic, cave-aged and decadent brie with a layer of rich, umami truffle through the center. *Contains cashews, coconut, soy, garlic, onion. Pairs with 2019 Morra Gabriele Langhe Nebbiolo


Sun-dried Tomato Herb Fromage

One of our top selling cheeses. Creamy and flavorful, featuring flavors reminiscent of the Mediterranean – fresh roasted garlic, sundried tomato and herbs. A light spreadable texture makes it a perfect option for crackers or baguettes. *Contains cashews, coconut, garlic. Pairs with 2017 Tringario Alma Cabernet Franc,   2018 Cameli Irene Paia,   2019 Chateau Les Maubats Bordeaux Rose,   2017 Pandolfi Larkun Chardonnay



Firm, nutty, and salty… and ready to be grated to your heart’s content! *Contains cashew, coconut, soy, garlic, onion. Pairs with 2018 Cameli Irene Paia,   2017 Pandolfi Larkun Chardonnay

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