Signature Club Plant-Based Pairings for February 2021

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Poke Bowl with Jackfruit paired with 2020 Silverthread Dry Riesling

Fettuccine Alfredo paired with 2019 La Veneranda Aureo Umbria Bianco IGT

Pasta Bolognese with Lentils paired with 2016 OWM Hand Made

Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potatos paired with 2016 Michael Klouda Hatterle Zinfandel

Mushroom Bourguignon paired with 2016 Chateau Beausejour Le Charme

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse paired with Champagne Legret Corolle Rose

Cheese Pairings

Miyoko’s – Double Cream and Chive – Pairs with…
2019 La Venerando Aureo Umbria Bianco IGT

Miyoko’s – Double Cream Sundried Tomato Garlic– Pairs with…
2020 Silverthread Dry-Riesling

Miyoko’s – Country Style Herbes De Provence – Pairs with…
Champagne Legret Corolle Rose
2016 Chateau Beausejour Le Charme
2016 OWM Hand Made

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