Vegan Wines – Wine Club Shipping Schedule

We are currently making some changes to our club structure and shipping processes to improve the experience for our customers. We will, therefore, be making changes to some aspects of the shipping schedule. We will be in contact directly with any changes.

Starter Club (Every Month) Starter Club (Every Other Month) Standard Club Red Lovers Standard Club With Cheese Red Lovers Club With Cheese
July ✔ July ✔ March ✔ April ✔ July✔ August ✔
August ✔ September ✔ May ✔ June ✔ September ✔ October ✔
September ✔ November ✔ July ✔ August ✔ November ✔ December ✔
October ✔ January TBD September ✔ October ✔ January TBD February TBD
November ✔ March TBD November ✔ December ✔ March TBD April TBD
December ✔ May TBD January TBD February TBD May TBD June TBD

✔ indicates that a delivery has already been shipped for the month, however, you may sign up to receive that month’s shipment if it’s still in stock! Just inquire at info@veganwines.com. Don’t miss out!

Vegan Wines Shipping Costs

For our club members we offer $20 fixed price shipping nationwide.

We’re afraid we cannot currently ship to Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, and Utah.

Vegan Wines Cheese Shipping Schedule

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