1. By placing an order for wine, you (“Buyer”) warrants that he/she is at least 21 years
of age, and that he/she will be responsible for the shipment being received by a
person at least 21 years of age. Delivery of wine will have a signature requirement
and the signor will need to be able to provide identification proving that he/she is at
least 21 years of age.

Orders for items other than wine (“goods”) will only have the above requirements
when ordered at the same time as wine.

All goods and wine must be paid for in full prior to delivery. All goods and wine are
sold in California and the title is passed to the Buyer at the time of the sale. All
shipping costs, including insurance, are to be paid by the Buyer.

Vegan Wines, LLC makes no representation as to the legal rights of anyone to ship,
import, or receive beverages containing alcohol. Vegan Wines, LLC, as a condition of
sale, assumes no obligation and bears no responsibility whatsoever for applying for
or obtaining any such permits or licenses required in each jurisdiction in which
Buyer receives goods or wine. Therefore, Buyer is strongly advised to investigate
such limitations and to determine the manner in which alcoholic beverages may
lawfully be acquired.

Rather, Vegan Wines, LLC only intends to engage in conduct to which it is legally
permitted to engage in according to its licenses and permits, in effect and active, at
the time of the transaction contemplated.

In the event a transaction to which Vegan Wines, LLC is not permitted to engage in
is erroneously entered by Vegan Wines, LLC, upon notice/discovery, Vegan Wines,
LLC will take the steps necessary to (1) cancel the transaction, (2) inform the Buyer
of the error, (3) prevent similar transactions from occurring through its website, and Shipping Policy – Version 1.0
June 14, 2017, (4) if required or appropriate, inform the appropriate licensing or permitting
authority of the error.

By placing an order, Buyer authorizes Vegan Wines, LLC to act on Buyer’s behalf to
engage a common carrier to deliver the order of goods or wine to Buyer.
Buyer is responsible for all applicable excise, use and sales taxes due their state
related to the purchase of any taxable goods or wine.


Vegan Wines, LLC may presently ship all goods to all states, Washington, D.C., and
Puerto Rico.

Vegan Wines, LLC may presently ship wine to consumers in the following
states as an off-site retailer:
1. Alaska
2. California
3. Idaho
4. Louisiana
5. Missouri
6. Nebraska
7. Nevada
8. New Hampshire
9. New Mexico
10. North Dakota
11. Oregon
12. Puerto Rico
13. Virginia
14. Washington, D.C.
15. West Virginia
16. Wyoming
17. New York
18. Pennsylvania
19. New Jersey
20. Florida
21. Texas
22. Alabama
23. Arizona
24. Colorado
25. Connecticut
26. Delaware
27. Georgia
28. Hawaii
29. Illinois
30. Indiana
31. Iowa
32. Kansas
33. Maine
34. Maryland
35. Massachusetts
36. Michigan
37. Minnesota
38. Montana
39. North Carolina
40. Ohio
41. Oklahoma
42. Rhode Island
43. South Carolina
44. South Dakota
45. Tennessee
46. Vermont
47. Washington
48. Wisconsin

Vegan Wines, LLC may presently ship all wine to licensed distributors or retailers as
a wholesaler in all states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. If you are a distributor
or retailer, please contact Vegan Wines, LLC via telephone to make arrangements for
such sales and shipments.

Legal shipping states continue to change. So, please check back often to see if we
have received approval to ship to your state.