Red Lovers Club Plant-Based Pairings for the 2020 Holidays

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Holiday Shipment - Vegan Wines

2016 Cocco Ilario Camorata Montefalco Rosso DOC and Spicy Thai Lettuce Wraps

2017 Tringario Vastardo Petit Verdot and Mexican Style “All Week” Black Beans

2016 Tirelli Andrea Druid Vino Rosso and Asian “Un”Beef and Broccoli

2018 CerzaSerra San Pietro Rosso DOP and Lagane e Cicciara (Pasta with Chickpeas)

2016 Dante Ciliegiolo V IGT and Pappa al Pomodoro

2017 Nerkihue Quiebre Carmenere and Chilean Dobladitas

Cheese Pairings

Uncreamery – Classic Brie Wheel (5oz) – Pairs with…
Tringario Vastardo Petit Verdot
Tirello Andrea Druid Vino Russo

Uncreamery – Smoked Gouda Block (8oz)– Pairs with…
Cocco Ilario Phonsano Montefalco
CerzaSerra San Pietro Rosso
Dante Ciliegiolo V IGT

Uncreamery – Ghost Pepper Jack Block (8oz) – Pairs with…
Nerkihue Quiebre Carmenare

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