Red Lovers Club Plant-Based Pairings for Feb 2022

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Roasted Root Vegetable and Chickpea with Lemon Caper Vinaigrette  paired with  2019 Denny Bini Podere Cipolla Libeccio Lambrusco

I am a huge fan of the simplicity of a one-pan meal! This meal is not only loaded with nutrients but is also packed with provencal, satisfying, rustic flavor. The zippy vinaigrette also compliments the bouquet and finish of this sparkling selection.


Mushrooms with Garlic and Tomato  paired with  2018 Morra Gabriele Barbaresco

Not only does it pair incredibly with this gorgeous Nebbiolo but this dish is versatile and easy to prepare. Use it as a topping on pizza or panini, as a side dish, in a vegan cheese board, on pasta, or even on top of a burger!


Grilled Vegetables Dressed with Balsamic and Herbs  paired with  2017 Nerkihue Quiebre Syrah

Depending on your location, you may be craving some grilled flavor right about now. You can hang on to this gorgeous blend for that first spring night that’s perfect to grill but not necessary because a grill pan will do the trick. This large batch of vegetables can be helpful all week long! Great in a salad, as a side dish, or an add-on for pizza, pasta, or a grain!


Quick and Easy Tiramisu  paired with  2015 Eraldo Dentici Rialto di Eraldo Dentici Piccolpasso

I have made many labor intensive versions of tiramisu over the years. This recipe is the easiest, has the lowest fat, and it’s delicious! What better to pair this Italian dessert-style selection than with a classic Italian dessert.



Zucchini Fritters  paired with  2018 Serracavallo Sette Chiese

These tasty fritters go perfectly with the ripeness and soft tannins of this Calabrian beauty. Serve them with a simple kale salad dressed in fresh lemon juice and a touch of extra virgin olive oil for a light, satisfying dinner.


Spicy Vegetable Jambalaya  paired with  2018 Bokisch Tempranillo

Nothing says Mardi Gras season has arrived like a pot of spicy jambalaya. If spicy isn’t your thing, feel free to leave out the hot sauce and jalapeño. This wine selection is lively and lingering making it a beautiful accompaniment to this dish. “Laissez les bons temps rouler” which is Cajun French for “Let the good times roll”!


Cheese Pairings


Garlic Pepper Havarti

The Havarti Party must go on! Fresh roasted garlic and passive aggressively cracked black pepper blend brilliantly into the hearty Havarti everyone loves. Pairs with  2017 Nerkihue Quiebre Syrah  and  2018 Serracavallo Sette Chiese


Smoked Gouda

With a rare combination of subtle smoke and sensible smoothness, Smoked Gouda prefers to spend its days under the sun in the warm embrace of a sandwich, or the elegance of a charcuterie plate. Pairs with  2019 Denny Bini Podere Cipolla Libeccio Lambrusco  and  2015 Eraldo Dentici Rialto di Eraldo Dentici Piccolpasso



Pairs with 2019 Denny Bini Podere Cipolla Libeccio Lambrusco2018 Morra Gabriele Barbaresco  and  2018 Bokisch Tempranillo

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