Founded in 2017 by long time vegan & wine expert Frances Gonzalez. Vegan Wines and Despacito Distributors focuses on providing high quality vegan wines from soil to bottle.

For our founder Frances, it all started during a trip to France. During a wine tasting tour, Frances noticed the guide mentioned egg whites were used during the fining process of the wine. For the first time she learned that animal products are often used in wine making; particularly in the soils and fining process.

Our values

  • Surprisingly, not all wines are vegan friendly. Even wines that are certified organic or biodynamic are not necessarily vegan.
  • We source only high-quality, great tasting vegan wines
  • We pay careful attention to how each winery treats the land and winemaking process
  • Before selecting wineries to work with, we look at the entire holistic approach of the farmer. This means taking into account all practices from soil to bottle.

Soil Matters

  • Vegan Wines has strict standards and are advocates for plantbased soil management

    During industrial wine production, some growers may utilize soil fertilization sources from slaughterhouses.

    Byproducts such as bone meal, blood, and manure may be used

  • Frequently, the producers we work with are choosing to work with organic vineyard practices.
  • Instead of animal manure, Green Manure is to be used instead.

    Green Manure is comprised of cover crops, last years harvest, and other vegetal sources that are used to enrich and fertilize the soil.

    Vegan Wines ensures that producers do not use animal products in the soil. This is not a standard practice in the Plant Based wine niche.


  • Whether or not a wine is vegan or vegetarian friendly does not have to appear on the wine label, as there are no laws in place mandating ingredients on the labels.
  • Many wines are stabilized and clarified using fining agents that remove suspended little bits of particles, yeast, or proteins.

    This process removes the cloudy look, so the wine is clear and vivid.

    Fining agents have typically been derived from albumen which contain:

    • egg whites
    • milk protein called casein
    • fish oil and bladders
    • chitin from crustacean shells
    • gelatin — a protein obtained by boiling the skin, bones and tissues of

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Feeding massive amounts of frain and water to farmed animals and then killing themm and processing, transporting, and storing their flesh is extremely energy-intensive. And forest — which absorb greenhouse gases — are cut down in order to supply pastureland and grow crops fro farmed animals. FInally, the animals themselves and all the manure that they produce release even more greenhouse gses intro our atmosphere.


Our Place in the market

Organic wines

Organic wines are made from grapes grown without chemical additives (and certified as such by government agencies).

Natural wines

Natural wines are fermented without commercial yeast or chemicals.

Biodynamic wines

Biodynamic wines are grown under a set of holistic biodynamic principles and ractices that regard the vineyard as one big living organism.

Organic wines

Sustainable wines are similarly governed by production practices that are ecologically responsible and economically viable.

Vegan wines

Vegan wines are free from contact with animal products during production, such as egg white or gelatin used in the fining process. (At Vegan Wines, we consider the fertilization of the soil as well when determining whether wines are vegan.)


  • We only import 100% Vegan Wines
  • The majority of the wine regions we source from are:




    United States

  • Frances personally meets with all producers and sees firsthand:

    The land

    Wine making process

    Production facilities

  • Our base office is located in California


  • Despacito Distributors is a professional wine distributor for the plant-based market

    Services available in New York, California, and Florida

    Restaurants and Retail Shops

  • Restaurant consulting available
  • Place orders at SevenFifty.com or LibDib
  • For inquires please contact Frances@VeganWines.com

Online Retail

  • Online Wine Shop ships to 41 states
  • Wines from all over the world
  • We carry wines such as sparkling, red, white, rose, and even orange wine!
  • Option to buy wines by the bottle or in bundles based on your preferences
  • Gift cards available
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