Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Vegan Wines! We’re happy you’re here! Below you’ll find some answers to the most common questions about our wine club. If we haven’t answered your question, feel free to contact us at and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Does someone need to be home to sign for my shipment or my gift recipient’s shipment?

Yes! The delivery carrier will require a signature from an adult who is 21 years of age or older in order to make the delivery. If you or your gift recipient are not able to be home to sign for your wine club shipment, we strongly suggest having your delivery sent to an office or business address where an adult 21 years of age or older is available to sign for it. The delivery carrier will make 3 attempts to deliver the shipment and will then return the shipment to us.

If you need your shipment to be re-shipped to you or your gift recipient, you will be charged a return shipment fee. While costs vary based on location and the number of bottles you are shipping, these costs can be up to $29 for 3-bottle shipments and $65 for 12-bottle shipments.

Can I order additional bottles of a wine I received in one of my wine club shipments?

Yes! If you love something, you can order more! So long as we have stock remaining, we offer all wines that have been featured in past Vegan Wines shipments to our club members and non-club members at our wine shop. We offer a special rate for members and we offer a discount on orders of 6 bottles or more.

What exactly does each shipment contain?

It depends which club you choose! Click here to see a full description of each club.

Our Signature Club contains six (6) bottles of hand-selected vegan wines (red, white, and sometimes rosé) along with insider wine information, including interviews with the winemakers and plant-based recipes that pair perfectly with your new wines.

Our Red Lovers Club contains six (6) bottles of the best red wines we’ve tasted from distinguished wine regions all over the world, plus all of the same insider wine information and perfectly paired recipes contained in our Signature Club.

Our Wine & Cheese Club is simply our Standard or Red Lovers Club with the addition of three (3) wheels of delicious vegan cheeses made by Miyoko’s Kitchen or Vtopian Artisan Cheeses, hand selected by our in-house sommelier and chef to complement the wines in each shipment. Keep in mind, our wine and cheese ship separately, though we do our best to get the timing right to ensure you can enjoy them together!

Our Club Sampler Trio gives you a taste of Vegan Wines with three (3) bottles of hand-selected wines that are representative of each season’s club shipment.

How does club billing work?

We bill you at the time that the wine is packed and ready to be shipped. You will be informed of when a club shipment is planned and you will be given access to the shipment customization page where you have the opportunity to change the club shipment or add more wines to the shipment. Once the shipment date is reached then the orders will be processed, you will be billed, and the wines will be prepared to be shipped. If you are a member of one of the cheese clubs then your cheese order will also be processed at the same time.

When are wine club shipments sent out?

Shipments will be sent three times a year – Winter, Spring, and Fall – and members will receive special offers on wines and gift bundles over the holiday season.

How does the featured vegan cheese pairing work?

Because the cheese is perishable, we have to ship it separately from the wines, however, we’ve timed shipping so that you receive your cheese wheels around the same time you receive your wine club delivery. Read more about this in our Cheese Shipping area to see how shipping will work.

During my membership, will I ever receive more than one wine from the same vineyard or winery?

Don’t worry, we’ll never send two of the same wines in the same shipment (unless you have requested it)! However, because we work with small vineyards that don’t normally distribute outside of their tasting rooms, we may occasionally offer two different wines from the same winery. Some of these wineries only produce 200 to 400 cases of a particular wine, so while we may feel it’s perfect for our club members, we’d also like you to try more than one! Finding truly vegan wineries from the soil up is tough, so when we find a great one, we want to share their best wines with you!

Can I change my wine club subscription or level?

Yes. At any time, you may change your subscription by emailing us at

Can I select the wines for our club shipments?

Yes, as part of our club setup Vegan Wines offers full customization for all of our club shipments! Wines are initially selected for club shipments by our Wine Director based on vintage, taste, quality, and seasonality. Members will then receive tasting notes and recipes unique to these wines. Ahead of each shipment you will be informed of the wines that have been selected by our Wine Director and be given the opportunity to login and customize your order by swapping wines in and out or increasing the quantities of the wines you love. Some of the customized wine options will be of a limited availability and so will be allocated to members on a first come first served basis.

To see our selection of available wines, please visit our wine shop.

If I sign up for more than one club, will there be any overlap in the wines I receive?

We understand that some people might want to sign up for two clubs so that they receive wine every month! You’re welcome to do that, however, because we want to share all of the great vegan wines we find with our members, we often use the same wines across a number of clubs provided the wine type and pricing allow. There may be some overlap between the Standard and Red Lovers Club bottles but we try to ensure maximum variety within each of the clubs. Also, with the new customizable clubs there is little need to join two clubs because you can simply increase your club shipments yourselves.

Where do you ship? Can you ship to PO boxes?

View our shipping schedule and list of states to which we can ship here. We do not ship to PO boxes as an adult over 21 must be able to sign for your delivery.

How can I cancel?

After your first three (3) shipments, you may cancel at any time by emailing us at

Do you accept wholesale orders?

Yes, some of our wines are available at wholesale prices to business owners, restaurants, wine shops, etc. Visit our wholesale website, Despacito Distributors, to request a quote or submit an inquiry!

Is there sugar in your wines?

The wines in our inventory have no added sugar. Our wines, like all wines, do contain the naturally occurring sugars that come from grapes.
However, the winemakers we have partnered with do not add any sugar to their wines. Like them, we believe that naturally vegan wines are also naturally delicious and beautiful without much intervention at all!

What packaging is used for the wine shipments?

Vegan Wines uses recyclable boxes with earth-friendly compostable pulp inserts that ship efficiently, keeping your wine safe with minimal impact on the environment. Our shipping facilities use electric forklifts.

I'm a winery. How can I certify my wine as vegan?

We’re glad you asked! Vegan Wines is now offering its trademark logo for qualifying plant-based wines made without the use of animal products. Learn how to apply here.