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Fancy Some (Vegan) Cheese With Your Wine?

We’ve partnered with Miyoko’s Kitchen to offer you some of the best vegan cheeses in the country. These delicious plant-based cheese wheels are just the thing to go with a Vegan Wines subscription, so we’re thrilled to finally offer them together! Especially since Miyoko’s is the most awarded vegan creamery in America.

Perfectly Paired

Our in-house sommelier and chef selects three different cheese wheels from Miyoko’s Kitchen each month to ensure you receive flavors that pair perfectly with the three bottles of vegan wine in your subscription. Perfect on bread, crackers, fruits, vegetables, or as the centerpiece of your cheeseboard, who says you can’t enjoy this rich, creamy treat as a vegan? Join now.


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Miyoko’s Kitchen Vegan Cheese Wheels which may be featured with Vegan Wines Subscriptions:

Double Cream Chive, Sundried Tomato Garlic, Garlic Herb, French-Style Winter Truffle, Fresh Fig Leaf-Wrapped Loire Valley, Smoked Vegan Mozz, Aged English Smoked or Sharp Farmhouse, High Sierra Rustic Alpine, Mt. Vesuvius Black Ash, Country Style Herbes de Provence

Vegan Wine and Cheese Club - Miyoko and Vegan Wines Miyoko Cheese Wheel - Vegan Wines - 4

Miyoko Cheese Wheel - Vegan Wines

Miyoko Cheese Wheel - Vegan Wines

Cheese, please…

Choose from our Vegan Wines Signature Subscription or Red Lovers Club with Miyoko’s Cheese. You’ll receive three different cheese wheels and three bottles of wine every other month. If you’re already a Vegan Wines member and you’d like to upgrade your subscription to receive these incredible cheeses too, just send us an email at info@veganwines.com.

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Cheese wheels cost between $8.99 and $11.99 each. In order to best preserve the cheese’s quality and flavor, the wine and cheese cannot be shipped in the same box, but we’re doing our best to ensure you receive them close to one another.

Vegan Wines members get an exclusive 50% off cheese shipping on every delivery!

View cheese shipping costs and wine shipping costs by state. 

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