We’d like to e-introduce you to a few of the winemakers Vegan Wines has partnered. They are so close to the heart of our mission of bringing you exceptional, naturally vegan wines! 

This week, we’re excited to introduce Andrea, the winemaker behind Azienda Agricola Andrea Tirelli, a winery located in the hills of Colli Tortonesi, Italy. We chatted with him on October 14th along with Alessandro of TanninTime, our sommelier in Italy who is personally confirming that wines are naturally vegan wines for us during COVID-19.

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Afternoon Wine with Italy! TanninTime with Andrea of Azienda Agricola Andrea Tirelli!

Our Interview Andrea Tirelli

Andrea Tirelli grows biodynamic wines in the Piedmont wine region of Italy. Andrea has worked in vineyards since he was a child, cultivating native vines that were handed down to him by his grandfather and uncle. His winemaking methods are built from passion, total respect for nature, and patience.

Andrea aims to work make wines with the least possible impact on the environment, often preferring manual work over mechanical and never using any chemicals. In addition, he uses green manure comprised of various herbs in his vineyards to fertilize and maintain biodiversity.

Try his Bianco Munta or his Druid Vino Rosso!

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It's #TanninTime – @andreatirellivini 📌🇮🇹 Conoscete i vini dei Colli Tortonesi❓ Territorio, vitigno, vignaiolo Andrea Tirelli ho mantenuto la tradizione di coltivare vitigni autoctoni, tramandata dal nonno prima e poi dallo zio. L’azienda si trova sui Colli Tortonesi su terreno composto da argilla, marne, calcaree e fossili. Microclima particolare essendo il territorio avvolto dalle Alpi e dagli Appennini, quasi costantemente ventilato dalla brezza marina della costa Ligure. Vini espressione del territorio, dove ogni annata, ogni vitigno e ogni singola bottiglia risultano diverse tra loro, regalando piacevolezza ed emozioni a chi li beve. Ho assaggiato Muntà 2016 🍇Cortese e Driud 2016 🍇Freisa 🇬🇧 Do you know Colli Tortonesi Wine area❓ Territory, grape variety, winemaker – Andrea Tirelli Andrea Tirelli has maintained the tradition of cultivating native vines, handed down by his grandfather first and then by his uncle. The winey is located in the hills of the Colli Tortonesi on soil consisting of clay, marl, limestone and fossils. Microclimate is particular being the territory surrounded by the Alps and the Apennines, subject to marine influence of the sea winds that blow almost constantly from the south. Wines expression of the territory, where every vintage, every grape variety and every single bottle are different from each other, giving pleasure and emotions to those who drink them. I have tasted Muntà 2016 🍇Cortese and Driud 2016 🍇Freisa. _________________________________________ ➡️Continue on tannintime.it ⬆️link in bio _________________________________________ #veganwine #veganwines #collitortonesi

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The soil in the hills of Colli Tortonesi is made up of clay, marl, limestone, and fossils. Azienda Agricola Andrea Tirelli sits in a microclimate surrounded by the Alps and the Apennines, subject to marine influences like the sea winds that blow from the south. His wines are expressive of the terroir – every vintage, every bottle is different.

For more details on Andrea Tirelli Vini, be sure to check out Alessandro’s blog post on TanninTime and our Afternoon Wine with Italy interview below! Alessandro and Frances asked Andrea a few questions to learn more, so let’s hear from him!

Try his Beltane Rosato or his Rosso Terrapura! Read TanninTime’s descriptions here!

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There are many reasons Vegan Wines creates partnerships with winemakers besides their amazing, naturally vegan wines. Veganism is not just what we eat, but who we are and how we care for the earth and other human beings. We hope that our ethics will become part of the greater wine industry’s movement toward transparency. 

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