Light Lovers Club Plant-Based Pairings for the 2020 Holidays

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Holiday Shipment - Vegan Wines

2018 Eraldo Dentici Grechetto IGT Esimio and Garam Masala Walnut Meat

2018 Serracavallo Besidiae and Mushroom & Walnut Pâté

2018 Pandolfi Larkun Riesling and Vegan Cauliflower Piccata

2017 Proteus Illusion Pinot Noir Blanc and Risotto

2019 La Veneranda Federico II Umbria Rosato IGT and “Parmesan” Savory Oats

Mujer Andina Ai! Brut and Sautéed Shiitake Mushrooms with Cashew Crema Sauce and Sweet Green Peas

Cheese Pairings

Uncreamery – Classic Brie Wheel (5oz) – Pairs with…
Mujer Andina Ai

Uncreamery – Smoked Gouda Block (8oz)– Pairs with…
Pandolfi Larkun Riesling
Proteus Illusion Pinot Noir Blanc
La Venerando Federico Umbria Rosato

Uncreamery – Ghost Pepper Jack Block (8oz) – Pairs with…
Eraldo Dentici Grechetto
Serracavallo Besidiae

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