Light Lovers Club Plant-Based Pairings for Feb 2022

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Etouffee with “Sausage” and Mushroom  paired with  2019 Denny Bini Podere Cipolla No 5 Malavasia

This is a perfect dish for celebrating Mardi Gras season and if you’re like me, you can’t get enough of cajun spice and the rich flavors of NOLA. While most of the classic cajun recipes are heavy on the meat, all of them can be “veganized” by ditching the meat but not the flavor. The vibrant persistency of this selection pops the cajun flavors in this recipe. Tip: I always recommend having all the ingredients ready-to-go and measured out when starting to cook. This recipe is no different. While a little labor intensive in the beginning, this recipe develops it’s rich flavor due to the steps provided. Hang in there…it’s worth it!


Roasted Beet and Fennel Salad  paired with   2019 Quintard Colombard

This pairing is divine. The dinner salad is packed with texture, flavor, and zest. The wine selection is crisp and fresh, complimenting it perfectly. A feel good meal all around!


Lemony Lentil Soup  paired with   2019 Cameli Irene Passerina Milia

This is a gorgeous, vibrant, feel-good, antioxidant-rich soup that will awaken the senses. It’s great for fighting the winter blues. What’s better than a delicious soup paired with this fresh and fab wine selection? I enjoy this soup with a slice of rustic and hearty, fresh-baked bread.


Spiced Beans and Bulgar  paired with  2019 Marasca Rossi IL Principio

This is a super flavorful meal that comes together quickly. It’s tangy, fragrant, with a touch of sweetness. Very compatible to the aromas in this wine selection. A feast for the nose and mouth. Bulgur is a heart-healthy, fat-free, hearty whole grain packed with fiber. Add healthy spices and chickpeas and it’s a meal you can feel great about!


Best Baba Ganoush  paired with  2019 Eraldo Dentici Grechetto IGT Esimio

There is something about this pairing that brings me pure joy. Perfect for entertaining or for bringing to a get together. I recreated this recipe after having the best baba ganoush at a Mediterranean restaurant in Greenwich Village. Served with warm pita, sliced, raw veggies, and a glass of Eraldo Dentici Grechetto…it’s perfection!


Peppered Tofu and Bok Choy  paired with  2020 Luca di Tomaso “Scigula” Umbria Rosato

This pairing is a party for your tastebuds! Salt, acid, heat, and pepper from the tofu complimented by mineral, acid, and complexity from this elegant Rosato. Serve as an appetizer or over rice as a main.

Cheese Pairings


Garlic Pepper Havarti

The Havarti Party must go on! Fresh roasted garlic and passive aggressively cracked black pepper blend brilliantly into the hearty Havarti everyone loves. Pairs with  2019 Eraldo Dentici Grechetto IGT Esimio2019 Denny Bini Podere Cipolla No 5 Malavasia and  2020 Luca di Tomaso “Scigula” Umbria Rosato


Smoked Gouda

With a rare combination of subtle smoke and sensible smoothness, Smoked Gouda prefers to spend its days under the sun in the warm embrace of a sandwich, or the elegance of a charcuterie plate. Pairs with  2019 Marasca Rossi IL Principio and  2020 Luca di Tomaso “Scigula” Umbria Rosato 



Pairs with  2019 Quintard Colombard2019 Cameli Irene Passerina Milia  and  2019 Eraldo Dentici Grechetto IGT Esimio

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