We previously told you a little about Tringario Winery in a blog post about our tour of Chilean vineyards earlier this year. After exploring their cellar, winery, and the vineyards they source from, we discovered that Tringario embodies all of the things we value most here at Vegan Wines: eco-consciousness, quality, and of course, vegan winemaking.

We are proud to represent Tringario. At Vegan Wines, our goal is to curate a collection of ethically made wines, giving our customers confidence that they know exactly what’s in the bottle. We also love that this winery is family-owned and operated!

How do we find our wines? As you probably know, we hand select and personally visit each winemaker and winery, like Jose at Tringario, to ensure that their wine is vegan from the soil to the fining and filtering processes.

But it’s not enough that each of our wines is cruelty-free, because they need to be high quality and delicious too! We taste test each bottle to ensure that all the wines we offer have a distinct character that our members will appreciate. Our goal is to keep finding amazing vineyards and wineries across the globe that fit with our mission here at Vegan Wines so we can share them with you!

Tringario Wines checked all the boxes for us. We hope you’ll try a taste through our wine club or grab a bottle (or six!) from our wine shop. They’ll be in stock soon! Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates.

Meanwhile, watch the video below to learn more about Tringario.


Tringario – video corto en inglés from Ragaz Cine on Vimeo.

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