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Afternoon Wine with Italy! TanninTime with CerzaSerra

August 19, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Afternoon Wine with Italy!

Join us on Zoom on August 19th at 10AM EST (4PM Central European Time).

Vegan Wines is happy to announce a “trip to Italy” for afternoon wine with Alessandro Ingrosso and the Italian winemakers that we’ve partnered with to bring beautiful wines to the USA!

We’d also like to welcome any of our followers, members, and wine industry professionals to join our tastings. Remember, we also offer many of our vegan wines at wholesale for wine shop owners, restaurants, and more!

This Wednesday, August 19th, Alessandro will be joined by winemakers from CerzaSerra.

Alessandro is the founder of TANNINTIME and brand ambassador for Vegan Wines. The Vegan Wines team is honored to have a native Italian Sommelier share his passion for good wines with our audience. (Visit his Instagram page for more information on his work!)

Alessandro will be hosting interviews with our winemakers in Italy. Our mission is to bring naturally vegan wines made from native Italian grapes to our members. The same goes for these interviews! We’re excited about having a native-to-native interview in Italy that we can all be part of virtually!

Shop our Italian wines and join us with a glass!

Get to know the people behind the scenes that are producing your beautiful wines. Read a little more about CerzaSerra:

The “Azienda Agricola Filice,” located in the southern countryside of Cosenza, covers an area of ​​about 8 hectares of the Donnici hills in the Contrada Fiego. This land was purchased by our great grandparents who returned from the USA in the late 1920s and decided to plant about 4 hectares of vineyards and 200 olive trees, given the excellent exposure of the land and a sandy, dry soil, rich in minerals with a very favorable climate.

Our Grandfather and Father decided in the early 2000s to renew the vineyards with all the advanced techniques of that time. The vineyards, planted in rows, are bred in spurred cordon system to facilitate processing. Currently, the management of the land (vineyards and olive groves) is directed by the Filice’s fourth generation. With the advice of some experts in 2017, we renovated a small existing building located in the land and built a small cellar. The management of both, vineyards and cellar, is aimed to produce quality wines destined for a niche market. The vineyards have always about emphasizing the production in quality rather than quantity.

“This is the reason why my brother and I (Francesco) decided to maintain what was an important winemaking tradition for our family. We have always known that this was our passion and we strive to carry on this passion with all the possible endeavors.”

In the middle of the vineyards alternating with ancient olive trees stands a “Cerzaserra” which represents the agora, the meeting place, the place of the town discussions and the main product of the Donnici hills… the wine. For this reason, we wanted to name the brand of our wines “Cerzaserra Wine.”

The harvest is a real party. Gathering the fruits of the season grown with sacrifices and passion is what gratifies us the most. The vineyard, the colors, the freshly picked grapes, the inebriant smell of the must; all of those frame a spectacular scenario. It is precisely the first step towards the winemaking process and towards the production of the nectar fruit of our land that we love the most. The passion we have for our land and the love for winemaking bound also our respect and love for biodiversity intended as a combination of agricultural ecosystems.

We believe that every living thing, including plants, animals, and humans, shall live in harmony to protect Mother nature; this is the reason why the Azienda Agricola Filice embraces the Vegan Agriculture, emphasizing the healthy soil life, the closure of organic cycles and the systematic humus build-up. Generally, animals are an integral part of the biodiversity in a farm, but in
our vineyard, animal byproducts never come into contact with our vines, and animal-based fining agents are never used during the winemaking process. The only fining agents used in our wine are Bentonite and PVPP (Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone) wine stabilizer.

We continuously look forward to safeguarding the environment by increasing the use of eco-friendly techniques and exploiting solar energy and sustainable energy. For example, starting this year we have abandoned the use of the regular corks in favor of eco-sustainable corks.

Our small winery currently produces around 6,000 bottles every year. It is difficult to choose which one is our favorite wine. It depends on the circumstance, the emotions felt at that moment: definitely sip a glass of Vasciu wine as an aperitif we think it is the best choice; on the other hand, in front of a good meal, or in front of a fireplace with the person you love or with your loved ones and friends a nice glass of “San Pietro” is the right choice.

When Giovanni Ciardullo bought this piece of land, he perhaps already knew that it would have been a kind of center of the world, a place for your peace of mind and your heart. Today, to enhance it more as place of the heart, we want to grow strong roots of Cerzaserra Wine right here … where the earth bears its best fruits. It is the passion, the feelings to return to ancient traditions, the flavor of the freshly pressed must, the nature, the vineyard’s colors, that makes what we do so unique. Taste a glass of CerzaSerra to immerse yourself in a dream; a dream where you can “UBRIACARTI DI EMOZIONI” (get drunk with

Read more about the wines in this CerzaSerra brochure.

Set a reminder to join us on Zoom on August 19th at 10AM EST (and 4PM Central European Time). Send us your questions, chat with us, and get to know your winemaker!


August 19, 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am
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