Red Wines

Ever wondered, 'What sets red wine apart?' Dive in to explore the captivating world of reds with us. Red wine is more than just grape juice; it's an art form, crafted from specific grape varieties fermented with their skins on. These aren't your average table grapes; these are wine-making stars that give you the rich, robust flavors you love. Cheers! Read more

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How's Red Wine Made?

The magic starts in the vineyard. Imagine rows of vines, basking under the sun, each grape soaking in the flavors of the earth. Harvest season comes and it's go-time. Grapes are handpicked to ensure only the finest make the cut.

Then, it's off to the winery. Grapes are destemmed and crushed, but unlike white wines, the skins stay in the mix. Why? They gift red wine its signature color and complexity. Fermentation kicks in, turning sugars into alcohol, all while the flavors meld together in a dance of taste.

Once fermented, the wine is often aged in oak barrels, adding layers of flavor—vanilla, spice, smoke. Finally, it's bottled, corked, and awaits the moment you uncork the experience. Each bottle is a symphony, and every sip, a note.