Orange Wine

Are you looking to explore the mysterious, captivating world of orange wine? At Vegan Wines, we've carefully curated a selection that encapsulates the very essence of what makes orange wine the talk of every wine circle.

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What is Orange Wine?

Orange wine is neither made from oranges nor is it a new-age fad. It’s an ancient method of winemaking that involves leaving grape skins and seeds in contact with the juice, creating a mesmerizing golden to-orange hue.

What Does Orange Wine Taste Like?

Orange wines are like the extroverted cousin in the wine family. They bring robust, complex flavors ranging from zesty fruits to floral blooms, often paired with a nutty, tannic finish.

Our Top Picks:

Denny Bini Podere Cipolla No 5 2019

🍑 Taste the Sunshine

Bursting with a highly aromatic nose of quince skin, this wine seduces your palate with ripe apricot and a bouquet of white and yellow flowers. A touch of bitter honey gives way to an elegant and slightly bitter finish. This is a charismatic wine that epitomizes the best orange wine has to offer.

Eraldo Dentici Grechetto IGT Esimio 2018

🍓 Berry Explosive

Imagine biting into homemade strawberry jam and chocolate-covered cherries. This unfiltered gem offers a vibrant mix of kombucha, blood orange, and candied honeydew. Its powerful acidity and tannin make for an unforgettable experience, and the finish? Think strawberry lemonade meets sour candy powder!

Andrea Tirelli Munta 2019

🍯 Liquid Gold

This wine is a floral and fruity explosion with an intense golden-yellow hue. Aromas reminiscent of almond blossoms pair wonderfully with hints of honey, smoke, tangerine peel, and apple cider. This orange wine finishes on a slightly balsamic, spicy note, making it a rich, layered experience from start to finish.

There you have it! A peek into our orange wine collection, each bottle promising a unique, vegan-friendly journey for your palate. So explore this colorful realm and make your wine nights anything but ordinary.

Cheers to a vegan wine adventure! 🍷🌱