Maui Hearts Collection: Wines for Animal Compassion

Maui Needs Us 🐾 3,000 pets lost in Maui's fires. Buy from MAUI HEARTS COLLECTION. ALL profit (excl. shipping) goes to Maui Humane Society. Read more

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Welcome to Compassion in a Time of Crisis 🐾

The wildfires in Maui have left 3,000 pets lost or missing. They need our immediate help.

Purchase from our MAUI HEARTS COLLECTION: WINES FOR ANIMAL COMPASSION, and know that all sale profit from this page (excluding shipping) will go directly to the Maui Humane Society. Every single cent will be donated to provide medical attention to pets in need, assisting those affected by the fire, and supporting ongoing rescue operations.

This is more than wine; this is a heartfelt call to action. Please act now, and let your compassion shine as a beacon of hope in these dark times.