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Women of the Vine & Spirits and Vegan Wines - Upcoming Events!

Women of the Vine & Spirits and Vegan Wines - Upcoming Events!

As you might remember, we’re Brand Ambassadors for the amazing group of female leaders in the alcohol industry known as Women of the Vine & Spirits. I love being part of this positive, professional community and I’m so excited to be attending the WOTVS Global Symposium in March as well as a few other events they have on the horizon!

Vegan Wines will be heading to Napa, California with several other businesses and individuals to collaborate with one another for the advancement of women in the alcohol industry. Through this symposium, WOTVS facilitates initiatives like mentorships, partnerships, and supportive networking connections, while providing a diverse platform to empower women in this male-dominated industry.

You can check out the full agenda for the WOTVS Global Symposium here. There will be several speakers and breakout sessions dealing with relevant topics like navigating career paths, networking skills, communication, sales, leveling the playing field for women-owned companies, and creating a responsible drinking culture. Of course, there will be activities like yoga and meditation as well as plenty of social events like lunches and cocktail hours too!

As a WOTVS Brand Ambassadors, we’re using our own platform here at Vegan Wines to help with WOTVS events and gatherings. We're also hoping to use social media to advance the goals of this organization, like education, advocacy, and mentorship to women in the beverage industry. Follow along and stay up to date with what we're doing - check out the hashtags #WOTVS and #WOTVSBA!

I’m so proud to know and collaborate with inspiring female leaders like Deborah Brenner, who was just nominated for Wine Enthusiast’s 18th Annual Wine Star Awards. Her unrelenting work to bring to light the role of women in the wine industry has grown from a collection of stories - Women of the Vine: Inside the World of Women Who Make, Taste, and Enjoy Wine - to this invaluable organization of women in the profession. You can watch a message from Deborah all about her mission and WOTVS below:

In other WOTVS news, Vegan Wines hosted a Brand Ambassador Regional Event in Gardiner, New York back in October where members came out to get to know each other. It was an evening of networking, wine tasting, and plant-based hors-d'oeuvres, complete with local spirits from the Hudson Valley. Of course, we talked a little about the growing trend of vegan wines too!

Speaking of Vegan Wines, we were also featured in the Winter 2018 issue of Napa Valley Life Magazine. Check us out on page 51!

We’re also excited to attend an upcoming WOTVS Regional Event by one of our friends and fellow Brand Ambassadors, Jennifer Friedrichs. It’s another networking affair, this time hosted by "women in whiskey," with a chance to mingle, collaborate, and connect with other WOTVS members and non-members in New York City. Oh, and of course there will be cocktails and small bites!

Are you a female in the alcohol industry?

Consider joining WOTVS!