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Why Vegan Wine?

Why Vegan Wine?

When I first discovered that not all wines are vegan, it made me thirst for more information about standard winemaking processes.

The journey for knowledge led me to eventually create Vegan Wines.

The undertaking of creating a plant-based wine platform can't be condensed into one blog post, rather it’s a forever mission of mine.

I have celiac disorder, but I am first and foremost a vegan by choice. In fact, as a foodie, I enjoy restaurant experiences and would risk being exposed to gluten before ever consuming animal products.

Upon my discovery that wines frequently contain animal products, I would’ve halted my wine consumption altogether if I hadn't discovered that vegan wine was a thing. Finding, owning, and operating the premier plant-based online wine retail forum was not only a pursuit born out of passion, but a necessity in my efforts to help all wine enthusiasts choose ethically made wines that don’t harm animals or the environment.

Today, we carefully source and select wines that, first and foremost, don’t harm animals in their winemaking processes, and we also make a concerted effort to work with small producers who practice minimal intervention, sustainability, and ethical winemaking standards.

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What is used in the soil?

Let’s begin with the owner of Chateau Beauséjour, Pierre Bernault.

Pierre Bernault, owner of Chateau Beauséjour in France, taught me that with time and love, a “dead” vineyard can be brought back to life with the use of zero animal products or harsh chemical additives.

In Italy, the wine producers we work with tend to make wines that have a high alcohol content because they respect nature. Changing the sugar content in the wines, even without the incorporation of chemicals, is not a natural form of winemaking. We seek out those winemakers who opt for minimal intervention.

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In Chile, the historic vineyards we partner with have been left untouched to grow wild and free – eventually producing some of the most delicious wines I’ve ever tasted.

We urgently need to address agricultural issues and the fact that the use of animal products is not helping our planet’s survival.

We ask questions many don't think to ask because we're aware of these issues.

How are the farmers handling the bees, wasps (aka "pests")  that harm their vineyards? Do they kill them using sugar water as bait? Do they move the nests?

There are other ways. We've discovered farmers who have been able to work with nature rather than creating an unfortunate imbalance by killing these insects.

Is your favorite wine's vineyard farmed using sheep or goats? Is your wine cork being made using beeswax?

We consider these things. Vegan Wines does all the work for you to source the most ethically produced wines across France, Northern Italy, Chile, Oregon, and popular wine regions across the world.

So, why vegan wine?

Don’t we all want to enjoy wine while making a difference? A great-tasting wine without the harsh chemicals and harm to our environment and health of our family and friends is a no-brainer in my book! You can shop all of our ethically made wines and learn more about plant-based wines at


Frances Gonzalez

If you've made mistakes in the past and learned the truth about harmful effects on the environment, how are you adapting and changing your ways?