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Why Vegan Food and Vegan Wine Pairing will be the next Big Trend to Stay

Why Vegan Food and Vegan Wine Pairing will be the next Big Trend to Stay

As a wine lover and foodie, I, Frances Gonzalez, have enjoyed food and wine pairing since before becoming vegan. Especially when dining out at a restaurant, I want to enjoy and enhance my dining experience. Wine has been paired with food for centuries. In early times wine was paired with food since it was safer to drink than the local water supply. Today, we use food and wine pairing to enhance the flavors of both food and wine. There are many reasons to pair food with wine. 1. Certain food and wine taste better together. 2. Quality of the food and wine must match. 3. The weight of your food must match the wine. 4. The region where food and wine come from is often essential. Or at least the grape varietals. 5. Personal taste is key, yet it can sometimes be quite fun to experience suggested pairings.

The importance of food and wine pairing to raising the quality level of vegan restaurant services. In vegan restaurants with excellent food dishes adding great vegan wines will attract more vegan and non-vegan customers seeking overall taste and enjoyable experience.

For an at-home experience, select a favorite wine and then seek food that matches well with the wine. Or choose a recipe and then research to see what wine will complement the meal. At Vegan Wines, a recipe comes with each wine bottle in your wine club shipment. We have different wine club levels, including this fantastic wine perk, among many more! We used Wine Folly's 9 Tips For Pairing Wine & Food and modified it for our vegan version.

  1. The wine should be more acidic than the food.
  2. The wine should be sweeter than the food.
  3. The wine should have the same flavor intensity as the food.
  4. Red wines pair best with bold flavored meats (e.g. mushrooms).
  5. White wines pair best with light-intensity meats (e.g. watermelon tuna steak or tofu chicken).
  6. Bitter wines (e.g. red wines) are best balanced with vegan fat.
  7. Matching the wine with the sauce is better than pairing it first with vegan meat.
  8. More often than not, White, Sparkling, and Rosé wines create contrasting pairings.
  9. More often than not, Red wines will create congruent pairings.

 In many cultures, wine has had a long history of being a staple at the dinner table. As a vegan, we have proved to the world that we don't miss out on anything in taste. Now with so many vegan food options, let's bring it all to a level to stay popular and here to stay with some help from the overall food and wine pairing experience.