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Join the Only Wine Club Dedicated to 100% Vegan Wines Wine lovers, have you ever wondered if the wine you're drinking is vegan? Many wines are clarified or filtered using animal-derived products such as egg whites, gelatin, or even isinglass (made from fish bladders). But with, you can enjoy delicious wines without any animal products. [embed][/embed]
  1. only sources wines that are 100% vegan. While some wine clubs may offer a few vegan options, is dedicated to only sourcing wines that are entirely free of animal products. This means that you can trust that every wine you receive is vegan-friendly.
  2. offers a wide variety of options. You'll find a diverse selection of wines from all over the world, including reds, whites, sparkling, and more. Whether you prefer a dry red or a sweet white, you'll find something to suit your taste.
  3. supports animal welfare. By choosing only to source vegan wines, is promoting the use of cruelty-free methods in the production of wine. Additionally, a portion of their profits is donated to animal welfare organizations, so you can feel good about supporting a company that cares about animals.
  4. offers flexible membership options. Choose from a monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual membership and can cancel or pause at any time. And, if you're looking for a gift for a wine-loving friend, they also offer gift memberships.
  5. is the ultimate vegan wine club for animal lovers and wine enthusiasts. With a wide variety of options, dedication to animal welfare, and flexible membership options, it's the perfect way to enjoy delicious, vegan-friendly wines. Join today and experience the best in vegan wines!
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