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Veganic Farming Brings Valuable Nutrients to Your Soil

Veganic Farming Brings Valuable Nutrients to Your Soil


 At Vegan Wines, our certified trademark requires that no animal products are used in the making of wine, from the soil that grows the grapes to the wine that ends up in your glass. The winemakers we partner with believe in using natural, vegan resources in their vineyards. The application of mulch and compost underneath the vines has many potential benefits. These organic practices have proven to be brilliant for both the environment and the flavor of the grapes, and you can taste it in our beautiful wines. When you experience our wines, you get the experience of the vineyard, the grape, the harvest, and the patience in every sip. My personal property is 16 acres, and we have a veganic farming food farm. Our food has shown us the solid truth: that animal products, especially manure, are unnecessary to grow your food. In the fall, one of the most important things you can do to put nutrients into your soil is leafcycling. Leaving a layer of finely chopped leaves on the lawn each fall is an excellent way to improve the soil under your grass. This is a natural and organic way to get nutrients into the soil. Pound per pound, leaves have twice as many minerals as manure. This is because most trees are deep-rooted and a substantial portion of the minerals they absorb goes into the leaves. By practicing leafcycling you can improve your lawn’s root systems and make your grass highly resistant to drought and disease. This also reduces the weeds in your grass the next spring and conserves water by reducing run off. You'll even preserve the butterfly and moth larvae on the leaves, which means more of them in the spring – and more birds as well.


How to Leafcycle: If you have a mulching mower, just run your mower over the leaves, and leave them there. If you use a standard mower, run over your leaves twice, and then leave them on the lawn.  Plus, keeping those leaves on your lawn reduces organic matter in our landfills – and that benefits all of us!

Let's keep our soil healthy by embracing more organic veganic farming methods! 

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