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Vegan Wines is Cruelty-Free, Animal-friendly wines from the vines to the glass.

Wines can be produced with animal byproducts from the soil up. Many times fish fertilizers, animal manure, cow horns buried in the soil (biodynamic wines) and in the winemaking there are many times egg whites, casein, isinglass, gelation, white sugar (which is not vegan) and other animal products can be used in the winemaking process and also to alter the taste within a not so great harvest. [caption id="attachment_4036" align="aligncenter" width="300"]

 Frances Gonzalez[/caption] We do the research so that the consumer can rest assured you will only be enjoying wines that are within her vegan lifestyle guidelines. This is to make animal cruelty-free wines accessible to all. So, in part in her journey is how this vegan program for all "soil to the glass" wine brands to be certified with our trademark and get featured on our online wine store. The aim is to support the farmers and winemakers that walk alongside with Mother Nature to capture taste of grape, its character with the love, patience. respect for our environment in producing eco-friendly wines. This is being proven everyday with dedication, hard work (climate change), transparency. The title certified “VEGAN WINES”, ensures “that an individual winery has acquired through verification, the knowledge and the level of expertise that is demanded within our guidelines of no added animal products from the soil to the bottle.” If your wines are produced with 100% cruelty-free ingredients and processes (zero animal products), you are eligible to apply. Learn how to apply here.