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Vegan Wines in the Media!

Vegan Wines in the Media!

We have been so overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude over all the latest mentions of Vegan Wines in the media. Between the articles, tastings, interviews with Frances, and our recent collaboration with Miyoko's Kitchen, we've got a lot of awesome things on the horizon! In case you missed any of this, we're rounding up all of those mentions in this post! Plus, in the midst of all of the attention, it's almost time for our first wine club shipment ever so we've been getting that ready for our members behind the scenes. It's been a huge few months for us at Vegan Wines and we can't wait for what's next! As always, we're so happy for the support we've received from both our newest wine club members and the media, and we want to keep the momentum rolling to share our message of veganism and Vegan Wines with many others. Check out the attention we've gotten from these great people and get to know us a little better:

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In mid-February, Frances joined the amazing editors at VegNews for a fun sit-down chat about what makes some wines unfit for vegans. We talked about the many ways to describe wines, perfect plant-based pairings, and the difference between "organic" and "vegan" wine. And of course, we even sampled a few of the wines that'll be available through Vegan Wines. Everybody had an all-around good time and we recorded it via Facebook Live for you to watch. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out here! We'd also like to thank VegNews for publishing the announcement of our launch! And just on the heels of that, Vegan Magazine broadcasted the news of our wine club launch and details about what we can offer members. It feels great that the vegan community is taking notice of our efforts and letting people know that we exist! Be sure to sign up to become a member if you want to taste firsthand what we're all about! Frances also made an appearance on the radio show Easy Vegan with JL Fields to discuss what makes wine vegan (or not!). They talked about all the potential ways that animal products can sneak into our wine, why Vegan Wines tends to select wines from smaller family-owned vineyards, and all the extras you can expect - recipes, stories, background information - from a subscription to our wine club! Listen to that here! Update to this podcast: We received our license to ship to Colorado and Wisconsin! Just this month, Frances also made an appearance on the Vegan Street Blog with an interview about her motivations for becoming vegan. Check out 10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar with Frances Gonzalez to learn more about her commitment to animal rights, how she communicates her message of veganism to others, and what she does to unwind and recharge (hint: it involves wine). And then we finally made one announcement we've been really excited about! Turns out, so are you! Vegan Wines is collaborating with Miyoko's Kitchen to include their delicious vegan cheeses in our wine club deliveries. We had a ton of new visitors to the site after Miyoko's Kitchen broke the news! Since then Live Kindly has shared the news of our wine-and-cheese partnership and One Green Planet even commented, "Netflix binges just got a whole lot yummier." Looks like they're just as pumped as we are! Make sure you don't miss out! See what everybody's talking about, and subscribe to one of our wine clubs here!