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Sommelier Select Bundles - Michael Markarian & Dora Lobo

Sommelier Select Bundles - Michael Markarian & Dora Lobo

Each month at Vegan Wines, we put together our "Somm Select Bundle," a selection of wines chosen by a sommelier that we've partnered with. They will choose and taste the wines from our portfolio that they're most interested in and review them for our customers. We then put those wines into a bundle in our shop – along with their personal tasting notes and insights – and give you the option to purchase! Visit the "bundles" section of our shop each month to preview our sommelier's selections! We feel it's a great way to get you involved in the world of wine, which can so often feel unapproachable. Vegan Wines connects with these sommeliers in a variety of ways, but of course, it's often through food!  

 photos of our amazing dining experience at Elizabeth's Gone Raw in DC

The first time we dined at Elizabeth's Gone Raw in Washington, DC, I met Sommelier Michael Markarian. The food and experience were amazing! Little did I know then that Michael and I have a mutual good friend in Donna Zeigfinger, the founder of Green Earth Travel. (Donna was also part of our very first VegFest Puerto Rico.)

It so happens that Micheal was covering for Dora Lobo that night as Beverage Director for Elizabeth's Gone Raw. Dora is another awesome sommelier, as well as a friend and mentor to Michael, so this is was all coming together beautifully. I knew we wanted to work with both of them in some capacity at Vegan Wines. This is how we met Dora, and we are honored to have her as Vegan Wines featured sommelier for February! And Michael, of course, is our featured December sommelier!  

Shop our December Vegan Somm Select Bundle to receive Michael's selection!
Dora Lobo entered the wine world after moving to London in 2006, working as a Junior Sommelier for one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. She completed her advanced level at the Wines and Spirits Education Trust with merit and was hired for the launch of the famous luxury store Harrod’s wine department. After working as head sommelier for one of the world's leading luxury hotels, Dora moved to DC and began working at The Tabard Inn as Sommelier and Restaurant Manager. She is now the Beverage Director for The Catering Company of Washington where she selects wines for private clients. She is also the Sommelier for Elizabeth’s Gone Raw where she is tasked with pairing a different seven-course tasting menu every month with organic and natural wines for the only fine dining vegan restaurant in DC! Michael Markarian is the sommelier at Chez Billy Sud, a classic French bistro in the historic Georgetown neighborhood of DC. He is a longtime vegan and previously studied wine in Italy. With a passion for Italian food, wine, and culture, he selected six wines from across Italy for our December bundle—a tour of Italian grape varieties and wine styles perfect for the holiday season.

We will be passing through DC during our domestic wine research trip in 2021 and look forward to sharing many more wine stories and features together!

If you're a sommelier or know any great sommeliers that would like to be featured in 2021, email us and let us know!