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Meet Rebecca of Powered By Plants Consulting!

Meet Rebecca of Powered By Plants Consulting!

We'd like to announce that Vegan Wines has partnered with plant-based food consultant and chef Rebecca Carucci of Powered By Plants Consulting. Rebecca will be the Chef Consultant for our wine clubs going forward, and her recipes will be featured as the plant-based pairings in your shipments. She is a master at pairing delicious and healthy vegan food with our wines! You'll find several of her recipes in our latest holiday shipment as well as a few in our previous deliveries as well!
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We've worked with Rebecca in the past to throw great Vegan Wines events. She helped us create delicious vegan bites to pair with the wine that we served at our Wine & Spoon Event at Mercantile in Gardiner, New York. The evening went so well that we knew we had to keep collaborating with her on future projects as well!
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Join us for Wine and Spoon at Mercantile in Gardiner, New York on September 26th from 6-8PM. Join us to enjoy plant-based bites from a dear friend, vegan chef and plant-based consultant Rebecca Carucci which we will be pairing with red and white.wines from Vegan Wines. The dessert will be Mercantile distilled fruit brandies made from local fruits and berries. Its 100% delicious! See below for details. In the future, we hope to host a monthly event at Mercantile to educate guests in a fun environment. We want people to understand that we are promoting veganism not to judge, but to allow people to enjoy a night of good food, drinks, and laughter! This event is free to attend! Please RSVP via @eventbrite so we know you’re coming! . . #veganwines #natuarllyveganwines #newyork #fingerlakes #plantbased #wines #wineportfolio #winemakingconsultant #vinetoglass

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What is plant-based food consulting, you might ask? Well, Rebecca is a master of what she does. She is certified in Plant-Based Nutrition and researches all the latest trends in plant-based foods. Her experience includes working in restaurants, feeding nutritious meals to families in her community, and (like us!) attending vegan expos, events, and conferences all over. As an expert in her field, Rebecca does everything imaginable in the realm of plant-based foods – whether you're an individual hoping to explore the plant-based lifestyle or you own a business that could benefit from plant-based consulting. She specializes in helping people and organizations transition to plant-based foods through menu consulting, meal planning, cooking lessons, health coaching, recipe development for restaurants, and more. She can organize pop-up events, advise on cross contamination issues, and help kitchens with plating, prepping, and menu descriptions. Research has proven that a nutrient-dense, plant-based diet is beneficial for long-term health and nutrition. Rebecca is a firm believer that a plant-based lifestyle is the most optimal. She can help you create a life-changing plan to improve your qualify of life or consult with your business so that you can better cater to plant-based customers - all without judgment! Follow her on Facebook and visit her website to learn more about Rebecca and her services. Be sure to visit our Vegan Wines Events page to see more of our future plans and mark your calendars to come out and see us!