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Vegan Restaurants in NYC That I Miss & How to Support Them

Vegan Restaurants in NYC That I Miss & How to Support Them

Right now I'm missing NYC’s exciting, energetic vibes and the fact that it’s filled with so many delicious vegan restaurants. Those who know me know just how much of a foodie I am. And of course, I love good wine! There’s just something about sitting in a restaurant looking over the menu and being filled with excitement about which new dish or old favorite you’ll be enjoying with a beautiful glass (or two) of great vegan wine.  I see vegan food as an art because of the truly amazing things that can be prepared from plants! So while we're all still isolating for the time being, I'd love to share with you some of my favorite vegan dishes from NYC restaurants, along with which of our wines I imagine myself enjoying with them. All of these photos were taken by me while dining out, which seems like so long ago now! Let’s support these restaurants that are offering curbside and delivery services so that they may reopen in the new normal of the (hopefully) near future. 

Le Botaniste

This restaurant is a healthy food gem! It is 100% vegan and gluten-free so it's satisfying food for anyone’s palate! What I like to order: Their Spicy Chili sin Carne with brown rice, three beans, quinoa, meatless chili, ersatz sour cream, and turmeric onions. I'd pair it with our 2018 Pandolfi Price Larkun Sauvignon Blanc.


Delice Sarrasin

I love this vegan French restaurant in the West Village! A French family owns this cozy place, and they prepare amazing dishes. What I like to order: Their appetizer delight Tomates Mozzarella Méditerranéene features tomatoes and cashew-based mozzarella served Mediterranean style. This restaurant only sells French wines, so I would enjoy this appetizer with a beautiful rosé wine we have coming soon from France!

 One of their main entrées, Steak Frites infusées à la Truffe Blanche, is also amazing. It's a vegan beef steak (three types of mushrooms) served with french fries infused in white truffle. This would pair beautifully with our 2011 Chateau Beausejour La Petite Robe



Avant Garden

This restaurant is our go-to dinner meeting destination with our non-vegan associates. Why? Well, once they experience the food here, they fully understand the meaning of fine dining! What I like to order: The AVOCADO, which comes with carrot ginger dressing, crispy rice, miso glaze, and blistered shishitos. Pair it with our 2018 Tringario Cartesiano Carignan Pais.

 I also love their CELERY ROOT, which is celery root noodles, shiitake velouté, and mushroom gremolata. I would pair it with our 2016 Castello Vicchiomaggio Chianti Classico Reserva. Cheers!

What restaurants and dishes are you missing most right now?