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Meet the Winemaker: Luca di Tomaso

Meet the Winemaker: Luca di Tomaso

Welcome to our Meet the Winemaker series.

We'd like to e-introduce you to a few of the winemakers that Vegan Wines has partnered with because they are so close to the heart of our mission of bringing you exceptional, naturally vegan wines! This week, we'll introduce you to Luca di Tomaso, an amazing winemaker that we met on our travels through Italy. This post and wine tasting review was originally published on TanninTime:

Luca also joined us for Afternoon Wine with Italy! Watch TanninTime's tasting with Luca di Tomaso on YouTube or below! Azienda Agricola Luca di Tomaso can be found in Umbria, Italy. The vineyards are located in the hills of Montefalco. There are three different plots that differ in altitude and sun exposure where they cultivate Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Sagrantino varieties. Luca fell in love with Umbria at the age of 24 and moved here from Milan. He began his career as a winemaker by renting four hectares of vineyards. He is currently the youngest winemaker in the land of Sagrantino.
Watch Alessandro's interview with Luca di Tomaso on our YouTube channel.

Luca's work is totally organic, without any chemical intervention in the vineyard or the cellar. His wines are truly the result of the work of the earth alone. According to his website, “We work ethically and sustainably. In fact, we avoid the use of pesticides and chemical herbicides. Even the use of copper and sulfur in treatments is lower than the legal limits allowed in organic agriculture. All of this is to promote the vigor and health of our vines."  

TanninTime's review of Luca di Tomaso's Montefalco Rosso 2016:

Intense ruby ​​red in the glass. On the nose, plum, carob, vanilla, lots of spice, and an idea of ​​violet that enchants. On the palate, it is warm and well-structured, with strong and enveloping tannins and a long persistence. The result of 18 months of aging in oak barrels from the Barolo and Barbaresco areas and cement tanks.
"A real wine, just the way I like it."
Also beautiful is the label with the writing of "Vignaiolo" and the moon that invites you to dream. And above all, the sweet poetry of Umar Khayyām, scientist, astronomer, mathematician, and Persian poet, a great fan of drinking: “The splendor of the moon, with its light, has torn the garment of the night; drink wine, because such a moment cannot be found; be glad and think that many moon shines will come one after the other on the face of the earth." Khayyām is also mentioned by Francesco Guccini in the famous song "Via Paolo Fabbri 43," which I invite you to listen to as the right accompaniment in the tasting of this wine. 2016 is the first vintage of Montefalco that we find on the market. Really successful I dare say. We look forward to trying the Sagrantino, but these premises leave little doubt about the excellence that we will find in the glass! Read the full review on TanninTime.

Buy this Italian wine and try it for yourself! With some Italian music perhaps?

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  There are many reasons Vegan Wines creates partnerships with winemakers besides their amazing, naturally vegan wines. Veganism is not just what we eat, but who we are and how we care for the earth and other human beings. We hope that our ethics will become part of the greater wine industry's movement toward transparency.