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Meet the Winemaker: Eraldo Dentici

Meet the Winemaker: Eraldo Dentici

Welcome to our Meet the Winemaker series.

We'd like to e-introduce you to a few of the winemakers that Vegan Wines has partnered with because they are so close to the heart of our mission of bringing you exceptional, naturally vegan wines!
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Now let’s meet Eraldo Dentici and his “rock and roll” wines! Eraldo is an amazing winemaker located in Montefalco, Italy who lets nature guide him as he produces naturally vegan wines. His wines stay true to the native grapes in many ways, especially his Grechetto

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He and his wife are also dear animal rescuers. They have their own small farm sanctuary, and while Eraldo attends to his vineyard, his wife wakes up early to take care of the animals.

On March 16th, they rescued a baby lamb that was abandoned when its mother quit nursing him. This family took the lamb in, and it is now part of the family in a forever home. Eraldo and his family practice only natural farming and winemaking. Allowing nature to control the process means that his natural wines may feature the same grape, but they will never taste the same year after year. For me, one of the things I look for when choosing wines for the Vegan Wines portfolio is not only vegan winemaking, but how the people behind the winemaking lead their lives. Eraldo Dentici, his family, and his business embrace nature in a way that we wish more winemakers around the world would. You can follow Eraldo Dentici on Instagram.

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  There are many reasons Vegan Wines creates partnerships with winemakers besides their amazing, naturally vegan wines. Veganism is not just what we eat, but who we are and how we care for the earth and other human beings. We hope that our ethics will become part of the greater wine industry's movement toward transparency.