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Climate Change & wine is an important factor and is being put at risk.

Climate Change & wine is an important factor and is being put at risk.

Wine grapes are one of the most sensitive crops to variations in temperature and this will keep changing our wine industry in many ways. See below how much our average temperature has changes since 1970. We can also see these threats to wine production that include exposure to wildfire smoke, extreme heat waves, heavy precipitation, unexpected spring frosts, and drought. And with shorter and milder winters, insects and other grapevine pests are having longer life spans. Sugars in wines are at the heart of what makes winemaking possible and these threats can bring some winemakers to ease from waiting for natural harvest time to adding table sugar for its initial fermentation when producing their wines.

 It is very important to understand the difference between the type sugars in winemaking. Table Sugar in wine production is when the winemakers adds table sugar (like from Costco) for the initial fermentation. Natural Sugar in wine production is allowing the grapes to accumulate sugars as they grow. The winemaker will then harvest when they determine the natural sugar level in the grapes are to their satisfaction for initial fermentation. Now more than ever patience is key when it comes to winemaking. Even with this patience the winemakers that take the long route understand they may not have many grapes at harvest yet with their extra care they have a small yet excellent harvest to make premium wines because their goal is quality not quantity.

 Climate Change is a very important element to ALL of us vegan or not vegan. It is estimated that extreme heat in the growing season due to climate change could reduce areas that are currently capable of producing premium grapes by 50%. We may not be able to fix the world overnight yet every little thing we do can be a big impact for change. This is another factor why it is important to us to only work with wineries that work alongside nature and produce natural vegan wines. This way helps our environment take back its natural control towards a better tomorrow. This is one of the many reasons it is important for The Vegan Wines Team to visit every vineyard for our hand-selected wine portfolio.   reference: