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Chilean Wine, Better than Ever

Chilean Wine, Better than Ever

Chile is a wine powerhouse: it’s the sixth-largest wine-producing country in the world and South America’s leading producer. And although Chile has almost 500 years of vinous history, its wine industry doesn’t shy away from innovation. The result? A new and exciting natural and vegan wine scene. Today, there are at least 100 vegan-friendly wine labels on the Chilean wine shelves, and they come from both large and boutique producers. The movement began in the vineyards, with a massive effort by the country to produce organic fruit. Sustainability and a hands-off approach in winemaking led to superb eco-friendly wines, most of them made by vegan standards. 

What is vegan wine, anyway? Vegan wine is the next step in the evolution of wine, and it’s the next big thing. No animal products are used in the vineyard or the winery, including animal manure, fish fertilizer and clarifying agents such as egg whites or isinglass (fish bladders!)  Vegan wine feels right and allows for guilt-free enjoyment – it’s just as good as regular wine, too, and sometimes even better. Frances Gonzalez, owner of Vegan Wines visits every vineyard to certify that the wine is without animal products from the soil to the cork. She says she keeps selling out of her Chilean wines and just had to place her next wine order from the small family vineyards she is in partnership. You may buy from our low inventory at Vegan Wines/Chile.

  What to expect from vegan wine from Chile? Expect wine in all styles made with the country’s signature grapes, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay. Still, some of the most astonishing vegan wines in the country are made with the lesser-known Marselan and Carignan and the country’s own flagship grape, Carmenere.

 There’s a long road ahead for committed Chilean winemakers, with only just above 2.5% of the country’s vineyards being certified organic. And yes, traditional winemaking techniques that rely on animal-based products are still the norm. However, wine lovers across the world are building demand for vegan and natural wines — with its extraordinary terroir and talent, Chile is happy to meet it with great wine at unbeatable prices. Chilean wine is a lovely everyday alternative and a suitable choice for memorable occasions; its vegan wine is no exception.