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#BlackLivesMatter and Vegan Wines

#BlackLivesMatter and Vegan Wines

I must be honest and admit that during my veganism journey, which began over 25 years ago, I did not think that “veganism” would be where it is today – or even during my lifetime. I NEVER thought widespread adoption of this lifestyle would happen, and then TOGETHER we opened that door. TOGETHER we made it happen with your voice! YOU helped us make it happen with your continued work towards animal rights EVERY DAY. TOGETHER we are making a CHANGE! Our voice is powerful, and together we will make more changes for the better in our lives and the lives of others. The movement we've seen in veganism happening around the world today gives me faith that the growing support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement will also result in change. I have faith that our work TOGETHER will result in real CHANGE. But in order to keep changing the world, we must continue to change ourselves. We need to continue looking inward and accepting and adopting ways we can grow each day with a willingness to change. We also need to look outward for ways that we can support each other and this movement to combat racism.

How We Want to Help

As a mother to Black-American children (who are now adults) and as part of our company's devotion to equal rights and justice, I want to commit to being part of these changes within our country and the world. As a part of that commitment, Vegan Wines would like to partner with Black-owned vegan businesses to highlight their products and create a new, more diverse assortment of wine bundles and packages. If you are the maker of a vegan product or know any great Black-owned, plant-based businesses that would be interested in partnering with us to create a featured bundle, please email us at We especially want to partner up with Black-owned wineries that produce vegan wines!