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Animal Manure in wines? But why???

Animal Manure in wines? But why???

Vegan Wines was just recognized in the Bloomberg article " What is Vegan Wine? An Essential Guide for Plant-Based Menu Planning" on our work of research to curate our wine portfolio of wines that are with no animal products from the soil to your glass.

 When we think about wines many of us think of grapes? Well, that is not always true with many ingredients that can be part of the winemaking process. Let me begin by saying that sulfites (unless medically allergic) is the least ingredient you should be worried about in wines. Animal manure is a common practice and yet there is another way that is so much better for our environment and health. These two methods is practiced in our vineyards. When we can see what the ingredients are for animal manure fertilizer versus green manure fertilizer we can see that the green box is eco-friendly, organic, natural, and better for our environment and health. There is no other way to sugar coat is except by bringing out the facts so that we are made aware.  

 I tell people that even if you are not vegan shouldn't we at least agree with the facts that green manure is best for us. I share here a link to a great article by Green Queen "Veganic Farming May Be The Agricultural Philosophy The World Needs" There are grape-growers, farmers, winemakers out there that do not use animal products soil to your bottle that are not certified for many valid reasons and we are here to support change by working with these winemakers that are producing wines by working alongside nature and not harming animals in the making.

    So, at the end the question still stands. But why??? Well, it is easier because these animal fertilizers are all ready products to be bought. The animal manure is another way the animal agriculture make profits. It is also believed to serve best for mass wine productions that who knows what other of the over 300 legal ingredients they may have added. Next time you are in your local store or restaurant ask for the vegan wines with no added animal products from the soil to the bottle. Let them know you demand quality wines that are cruelty-free from soil to your glass.