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10 of the Best Affordable Vegan Wines 

10 of the Best Affordable Vegan Wines 

Let's kick off 2020 by experiencing a few delicious and affordable vegan wines that will satisfy every palate – and wallet! Making amazing wine takes time, hard work, devotion, and of course, quality ingredients, but that doesn't mean it has to be expensive. Vegan Wines has put together a list of affordable vegan wines that features a variety we know you'll love! These wines are all produced with minimal intervention, transparency, and no animal products. And perhaps best of all, they're all under $30! You can find them in the Vegan Wines shop. If you're new around here, Vegan Wines takes the guessing out of determining which wines are vegan. We visit EVERY vineyard and meet every winemaker to confirm that we know exactly what we’re drinking and promoting to you. Now that we’re in the midst of Veganuary, let’s begin the year with a commitment to health. That means eating better, drinking better, and doing our part to protect the environment and show compassion for animals! Here are some of our favorite affordable vegan wines that we feel are especially good value for money. 

2018 Eraldo Dentici Umbria Rosso "Musa" IGT - $17

This Italian red is made from Sangiovese grapes in the region of Umbria. On our journey through Italy, we met Eraldo Dentici, a winemaker who handpicks his grapes and makes unique wines with vegan methods, organic practices, and almost zero intervention. This is a highly drinkable (and affordable) wine with lots of character. Dentici believes that you should drink wine daily, so why not stock up? Shop Now!

2016 Portinale Barbera Superiore d'Alba Gai - $21

Made of 100% Barbera grapes grown in the clay soils of the Piedmont region, this full-bodied red will make you want to stay in with a plate of plant-based cheese. (And it's winter, so you can!) This rich Italian wine is an excellent value bottle that’s perfect for pairing with hearty pastas as well. Shop Now!

2017 Serracavallo Sette Chiese - $21

Produced in Calabria, Italy, this vibrant red is made from Magliocco and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Named for the seven churches of the seven surrounding districts, word is that all of the nearby priests wanted Serracavallo wines to celebrate mass. With its freshness and well-blended tannins, this DOP red from Cosenza pairs well with grilled and roasted vegetables. The owners of the winery are a hard-working couple that works together to produce beautiful wines with so much passion! Shop Now! 

2017 Terre Del Gufo Alysso Bianco - $19

Try something new with this beautifully made wine from a small Italian producer in Calabria. With fresh and floral with notes of citrus and honey, it's made from the Vujno grape grown high in the mountains overlooking Cosenza. This winemaker has returned to Italy’s old traditional ways of using bigger wine barrels. Opting for large barrels ensures that the wine retains the natural flavors of the grapes rather than masking them with oak. Pair this white wine with light Italian cuisine, appetizers, and delicate first courses like risotto.  Shop Now!

2017 Barry Family Pastiche - $24

If you haven’t tried wine from the Finger Lakes region of New York, you’re missing out! Barry Family Cellars creates magnificent wines at an affordable price point. Aged in French oak and made from Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, and Riesling grapes, the Pastiche is one of our favorites. With aromas of honeysuckle, roses, tropical fruit, and citrus, this rich and vibrant bottle receives praise from wine critics for being one of the best non-Riesling whites in the region.This winemaker believes that working with nature is the best way to produce natural wines. Shop Now!

2016 Hermann J Wiemer Dry Rosé - $24

One of our most popular rosé wines, it may not be warm yet, but it’s never too early to plan ahead (while we’ve still got it in stock). Hand-harvested in the Finger Lakes and made using organic practices, this bright pink wine is crisp and refreshing. Pair it with light, plant-based foods and some time in the great outdoors! This dry rosé receives impressive reviews so it's excellent value at this price per bottle. Shop Now! 

2018 Proteus Ramato Pinot Gris Rosé - $24

Perfect for rosé lovers who want to try something new, this small-batch, handmade, organic Ramato hails from the rich volcanic soils of Oregon. The award-winning winery, Proteus, makes un-manipulated wines from impossibly low yields of grapes, perfect for enjoying alongside food and great company. This affordable vegan wine is made by allowing the Pinot Gris grapes to stay on the vines longer than usual, and the wine is a fantastic value considering the care that goes into the winemaking process. One sip and you will understand why we fell in love with this Oregon wine!  Shop Now!

2016 Bokisch Verdejo Clay Station Vineyard - $26

If you’re used to drinking Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc, why not change it up and try an aged Spanish white? With aromas of honey, buttered toast, and white peach, this is a luscious Verdejo from California. Aged in steel by a winery that takes Spanish grapes and creates something beautiful using new techniques and organic practices, it's an interesting white wine with rare aging potential. Shop Now!

2015 Château Les Maubats, Bordeaux Superior Rouge - $30

One of our favorite wines from our travels through France, this luxurious, full-bodied Bordeaux is the perfect wintertime red, though of course, we drink it year-round. Made using organic practices, this wine won a silver medal in the 2019 Sommeliers Choice Award, so it’s a great value bottle that you can pair with hearty dishes this month or wait to enjoy several years from now! Shop Now! 

2016 Luca Di Tomaso Rossoconvinto - $18

Another small-batch winery in Italy, Luca Di Tomaso is the epitome of patience as he creates his elegant, natural, organic wines with minimal intervention. He draws inspiration from living close to nature, and that is evident in his Montefalco red wine made from Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Sagrantino grapes. His bottles are available at an excellent price point considering the care and hands-on processes with which they’re made! Luca is one of the youngest winemakers in Umbria and part of the millennial generation that is demanding transparency! Shop Now! Wine is food and food is wine, so knowing what we put in our body is key. At Vegan Wines, our mission is to find wines that are off the beaten path and produced by winemakers who have a “less is more” mentality. All of our bottles are meant to be enjoyed and appreciated by wine lovers with the added benefit that what you’re drinking is also better for you and the environment.  Vegan Wines is not just about avoiding animal products but focusing on wines that are natural, organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Whether you’re vegan or not, I think we can all agree that 2020 should be a year of renewed transparency when it comes to our choices and our ability to steer the future towards something brighter! We hope you'll see quality vegan wines don't have to be expensive. Try one of our affordable vegan wines today and see if you can taste the difference!

What's your favorite affordable vegan wine?