Mercy For Animals Gala 6/10/21

Imagine a world free of cruelty, a world that is kind to animals and sustainable for our planet. Mercy For Animals believes that world is not only possible but inevitable

What if we did this for the environment?

All the Google alerts I have set for “soil” have recently brought up articles that discuss how animal manure is “sustainable.” Well, it’s not. And let me tell you why.

Veganic Farming with Vegan Wines

At Vegan Wines, we are part of the movement towards organic, eco-friendly farming, sustainability, and veganism. And we’re practicing what we preach. We wanted to share with you our latest

Rebecca Carucci - Vegan Chef and Plant-Based Consultant

Meet Rebecca of Powered By Plants Consulting!

We’d like to announce that Vegan Wines has partnered with plant-based food consultant and chef Rebecca Carucci of Powered By Plants Consulting. Rebecca will be the Chef Consultant for our

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