Introducing our new Bordeaux wine reviewer: Sophie Kevany!

To those who follow Vegan Wines, it should be no surprise that we are big fans of wines from Bordeaux and the region.   Bordeaux was Frances’ first “official” wine trip for Vegan Wines, and what inspired her to start a vegan online wine club, so it will always have a special place in our heart. […]

Considering the Soil in Vegan Winemaking

At Vegan Wines we are big promoters of animal-free agriculture.  Not many (if any) vegan wine certifications take the soil into account when they claim to be vegan, and this is what sets us apart from others in the industry thus far.    As often as we hear the question “but I thought all wine was […]

How and Why Winemakers Fine Their Wines

We talk a lot about the fining process in vegan winemaking, because this is where animal by-products enter into wines.  But why exactly do winemakers fine wine and is it really necessary? This is what we’ll discuss in this blog post. At Vegan Wines we feel that information empowers us, and instead of throwing out […]