A Big Welcome to Our New In-House Sommelier!

Vegan Wines Sommelier Sunny Gandara

We’re not even a full month into the new year, and so many exciting things are already happening at Vegan Wines! One thing we’re especially thrilled to announce is that we’ve added Sunny Gandara, DWS, CWE, a fellow vegan and long-time wine professional, to our team as our in-house sommelier. Sunny will be on hand […]

A Visit to Château Beauséjour

Chateau Beausejour - Vegan Wines

After visiting London, our next destination was Montagne, St. Emilion, France. Our destination was Château Beauséjour in the Bordeaux region to meet with Pierre Bernault. We arrived at this historic chateau and property on a clear, beautiful day in order to have dinner with Pierre and his assistant Violeñe. Eric and I were there to officially meet Pierre in person – […]

Women of the Vine & Spirits Ambassadorship and Women’s Vegan Dinner

Women of the Vine & Spirits Women's Vegan Dinner - A Plantiful Experience

At Vegan Wines, we’ve got some big news for the new year! I’ve been selected as a Brand Ambassador for the amazing group known as Women of the Vine & Spirits. They’re a network of female leaders in the alcohol industry, and I’m excited to be a part of this community! As a Brand Ambassador, […]

Travels and Tastings Through California Vineyards

Tastings and Travels Through California Vineyards - Vegan Wines

After nearly a month traveling through the vineyards of California, I’ve tasted so many incredible wines that I may just need to take a break for a little while! Finding great wines to add to our website’s collection has been rewarding, and I want to share my experience here. On our recent trip, I discovered so […]

An Interview with the Owner of Château les Maubats

Chateau Les Maubats France - An Interview with the Owner - Vegan Wines

My fiancé and I traveled to France to meet with Christophe Cadis, one of the owners of Château les Maubats. This vineyard and winery are located in Roquebrune, a town in the Bordeaux region of France. The property is incredibly lovely and historic, set in the beautiful rolling countryside. Christophe is not only passionate about his wines but also […]

Fish Emulsion as Fertilizer?

Fish Emulsion Fertilizer - Vegan Wines

If you’re like me, you want to be sure that your wine and food is totally vegan right from the start. Or you may just care what’s in your food and wine for health reasons. Especially when it’s something that doesn’t have to be there… That means you’ll need to look into the fertilizer your […]

A Tour of Alta Alella Winery in Spain

A Tour of Alta Alella Winery in Spain - Vegan Wines

I found out about Alta Alella Winery during my stay in Girona, Spain. Some of the closest wine regions to Girona are Penedès (known for its cava) and Alella (known for white wine). I love all wine, but I usually prefer red wine. Yet surprisingly, during my trip to Spain I found that white wine isn’t just refreshing, […]

Our Spontaneous Trip to Girona, Spain

A Spontaneous Trip and Discovering Vegan Food in Girona, Spain - Vegan Wines

Just outside of Barcelona, there’s an amazing little city named Girona that we knew nothing about before visiting Spain. We’d picked a few towns within driving distance of Barcelona to explore, but we had no plans. And we definitely had no idea beforehand that Girona was one of the sites where they filmed one of […]

The Truth About My Journey to Becoming Vegan

Blog The Truth About My Journey to Becoming Vegan - Frances Gonzalez - Vegan Wines

I still remember the day I stopped eating meat. I was dating a guy who was vegan – a Morning Star brand eater. He got me to watch this gruesome video about what happens to animals for the purpose of our so-called food chain. I was just 22 years old at the time, and I’d […]